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Theodore Ts'o

Who Am I?

I'm a staff engineer working at Google, where I work on file systems and storage. I've worked on the Linux kernel since 1991, and am probably the first Linux Kernel developer in North America. I organize the annual Linux Kernel Summit, which brings together the top 75 Linux Kernel Developers in the world every year. I am often involved with the Linux, Storage, File System, and MM Summit. For more information, please see the Linux Foundation Events Page.

I previously worked at MIT in Information Systems, where I used to be the development team leader for Kerberos. Before that, I also was a member of the Network Operations Group.

I used to be quite active in the Internet Engineering Task Force, having previously served on the IETF's Security Area Directorate. I also served as the co-chairs of the ONC RPC and IP Security working groups, and as one of the sergeant-at-arms for the IETF mailing list. Unfortunately I don't have time to be very active in the IETF these days.

Although I'm primarily a Unix and Linux developer, I have also done a lot of work on many other platforms, including Windows/Windows NT, and the Macintosh. I've collected a set of software which I consider invaluable for making Windows programming a little bit more civilized.

I graduated from MIT in 1990, with a degree in Computer Science. While I was an undergraduate, I spent a lot of time with many various different student activities, including:

I currently attend Church of Our Savior, an Episcopal Church in East Arlington. I sing in the choir, and currently serve on the vestry (which roughly speaking, is the the governing board as far as business decisions are concerned for the parish).

I have a number of hobbies; in particular, I enjoy cooking and bicycling. I also spend a lot of time doing "recreational computing", including spending a lot of time hacking on Linux. I currently use a Dell XPS 13, but in the past I've spent a lot of time making older thinkpads work on Linux.

Although I'm normally not very scruffy-looking, playing with a Van de Graph generator can be an electrifying experience.

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