I need to get motivated

Blargh…. I’m having trouble getting motivated today.

I think part of the problem is that I’m behind a whole bunch of different fronts, and actually working on tasks (so I can get catch up) reminds me of how far behind I am, and so I want to avoid working on stuff. It’s stupid; really stupid, but it’s still hard to fight.

What makes even dumber is that I’ve finished up all of my tasks that do have tight timelines, so what’s left is a bunch of things for which it’s not a disaster that I’ve this far behind — but it’s just that I feel unhappy with myself about where I am with stuff. Sigh….

I so need to make me a todo list, and start working on getting stuff finished on it, one at a time. Usually the psychic benefit of crossing stuff off the list is helpful. Hopefully this time it will be!