Garage cleanup

I spent a good part of last night assembling some cabinents, drawers, and a workbench for my garage. $300 dollars for a full-height cabinent, two wall-mounted cabinets, a half-height base cabinet, a half-height four-drawer, and a workbench; a pretty good deal from Costco. Too bad the kit was missing two shelf-holders, and the doors to one of the cabinents was missing one of its hinges (the plastic was sheared off, apparently before it was packed, since I didn’t find any additional bits in the box). I also cleaned up the garage some, and throwing out some kruft from it. The electrician shows up tomorrow to finish installing electricity, so I can hook up the garage door openers and put in some power for the workbench. Cool deal!

Next, I need to get to the Brazilian consulate to get a visa for the FISL conference….. I also have to figure out the domestic flight details for while I am visiting Brazil; such fun!