Ext4 is now the primary filesystem on my laptop

Over the weekend, I converted my laptop to use the ext4 filesystem.  So far so good!  So far I’ve found one bug as a result of my using ext4 in production (if delayed allocation is enabled, i_blocks doesn’t get updated until the block allocation takes place, so files can appear to have 0k blocksize right after they are created, which is confusing/unfortunate), but nothing super serious yet.  I will be doing backups a bit more frequently until I’m absolutely sure things are rock solid, though!

I am using the latest ext4 patches and the tip of the e2fsprogs git repository.  Hopefully when we get the bulk of the patches merged into the mainline kernel after the 2.6.26 ships and the 2.6.27 merge window opens, and after I ship out e2fsprogs 1.41 (I have one work-in-progress pre-release, with another coming soon), it’ll be ready for much more wide-spread testing.

In addition to the excellent crew of ext4 developers, I’d like to call out for special thanks Gary Howco and Holger Kiehl, two early users/benchmarkers of ext4 who tried our latest code, and reported bugs that had previously escaped attention by developers (who had been mostly testing the code via the same old test suites); their additional workloads and benchmarks flushed out a few additional bugs.   Thanks, guys!!

Hopefully after a few weeks of my using ext4 for real-live work, I’ll find a few last few bugs to be fixed, and/or feel much more confident it’s ready for me to recommend to others for their production data.